CrossTab Wizard


A true data mining and business intelligence masterpiece that allows your end user to tap into information that provides true value in a sea of data.

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Addin Options

When you require alternate storage other than the default TPS storage, you are covered with MSSQL, ODBC, or Btrieve Driver Addins.  Use the Thin@ Addin to power up your SAAS solutions!

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Product Bundles

Take advantage of enhanced productivity and exceptional value with the WizPak, WizTrio, or WizSpread product bundles!

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User Defined Cross Tabulated Output

CrossTab Wizard allows your end user to create and save sophisticated on-demand cross tabulated Excel speadsheet output from within your Clarion application.  Similar to a static pivot table output, your users will suddenly start to see the forest through trees of data that makes up almost every Clarion database application.

It is well known that there is hidden value when you capture data, CrossTab gives your end users a simple highly configurable tool to quickly unlock value on their own terms without waiting for customized reports.  This ad-hoc and flexible support to data mining allows your customers to react quickly and easily test new cross tabulated data output to match current business conditions and benchmarks.

The interface can be accessed through a set of buttons that call a list of saved Excel CrossTab export definitions.

CrossTab Wizard allows your end users to…

  • Use a simple, intuitive interface to quickly create and save an unlimited number of cross tabulation layouts which may be dynamically populated from data at any time.
  • Dynamic selection of each field comprising the Column, Row and Value (x,y,z element) components.
  • Choose to plot all points or only the “Top N” number of points.
  • Hide irrelevant “zero value” cells.
  • Cross tabulate averages, totals or counts.
  • Dynamically populate customized cross tabulations for editing in Excel.
  • In lieu of spreadsheet files, using the common cross tabulations, they can publish web documents,  or create ASCII export files.

Access Levels

With the optional Access Levels feature activated, your users can keep their saved queries separate from their coworkers in a shared environment.  There are features to allow for private, group, developer, and protected management of saved definitions.  The access feature easily ties in with any user login system.

Clarion Support

All versions of Clarion are supported from C55 through the latest C11 releases for both the Legacy and ABC template chains.  Multi-dll, standard .dll, and Single EXE targets are all supported directly and automatically based on your project settings.


To add the CrossTab Wizard features to an application you simply add a new global extension to your app. Then for each CrossTab you add the local extension to a process procedure.  At that point you can further customize the CrossTab Wizard interface by answering the prompts in the template.  The standard Clarion process template is supported as well as several third-party templates when used as the base for the CrossTab Wizard templates.

Template Options

The CrossTab Wizard template options allow you to fine tune the features that you would like to present to the end user.  Here are some of the major options:

  • Dynamic sort configuration
  • Virtual fields and field overrides
  • File exclusions
  • Excel numeric formatting and precision
  • Override axis and data operations per field
  • Setup range fill to cover gaps in data

Developer Embed Points

Developer embed points are provided to offer additional customization of the Excel output.  You can automate the process, reconfigure runtime data, process range fill for gaps in data, and many more customization’s in needed.

Translation Support

With a few template switches the Wizards will speak your language.  To use the builtin translation capabilities that come with Query Wizard, you must own a license to Query Wizard and have it installed in your application.  In that case, you can access the predefined translation strings for the included languages.

  • Croatian
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Spanish

If you don’t have Query Wizard, each product has simple embeds where you can add your translation pairs.  This is also convenient if you just want to change the wording on just a few select strings.

Dictionary Options

Using dictionary options can save time by allowing you to selectively include and/or exclude fields to Wizard field selection.  You can also customize override and expressions directly in the dictionary.  Careful usage of the dictionary option can speed up development if you have many procedures that use the same tables.

Access Control

If you need it, the Access Levels features of the Wizards will allow you to setup user and/or group access control for all the saved definitions.  You can also use this feature to create developer definitions that the user can have customized access to.  It is easy to interface with your own home grown security or any of the third-party security solutions out there.

Interface Graphics

The interface graphics can all be replaced with images of your choice and ship with 5 different color schemes that you can select to differentiate the different Wizard products.  This is useful when you add all the Wizard products to your application or when you just want the interface to more closely match your application look and feel.

The images are all stored in a simple .LIB file so are easily replaced with your own custom images.

Database Storage Addins

Each of the Wizard products by default use TPS files to store their saved definitions that the user can organize and recall as needed.  Sometimes TPS files are not a good fit for your application deployment environment. 

With an additional purchase you can direct the Wizards to store your end user’s saved definitions in MSSQL, ODBC, or Btrieve databases.  You must have a license or purchase the base product in addition to the Driver Addin.  The latest releases can be purchased in the Shop, and there are upgrades available at a discount as well for owners of previous versions.

Thin@ Addin

By purchasing the additional Thin@ Addin, you can easily enable your SAAS solution using Thin@.  The Wizards work as you would expect from the desktop release and there is no additional setup require by you except for installing the Thin@ Addin for each product you require.  The latest releases can be purchased in the Shop, and there are upgrades available at a discount as well for owners of previous versions.