Embed Assistant


Take a fresh look at your application embed points in a powerful new way.

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Take advantage of enhanced productivity and exceptional value with the DevPak Assistant, WizPak, WizTrio, or WizSpread product bundles!

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Embed Assistant extracts an application’s embed source into a normalized database for preservation, documentation, examination, analysis and retrieval.

As with the other Assistant products, Embed Assistant leverages the powerful ClarionTools Wizards throughout the analysis application, you have familiar access to all of your application embed points with our end user query and reporting systems.

while the Clarion IDE can do similar searching through your application embed points, Embed Assistant clearly identifies the Embed Name, Instance, and Priority of each and every embed in your application.  This information can help you locate subtle issues in your application and make sure your embed point usage is standardized and consistent.

Clarion Support

All versions of Clarion are supported from C55 through the latest C11 releases.


The custom report Print Assistant provides documentation, analysis, and quality control of your application’s embed point content and usage.  You can report with the following embed filtering active:

  • All embeds
  • Matching the last find
  • Currently selected embed
  • In the procedure selected
  • With the embed name selected

Save custom reports or built-in reports to a variety of formats including: PDF, XML, HTML and Text.